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Thanks to an increasingly mobile population, foreign courts are now frequently faced with questions turning on points of Chinese law that cannot be readily addressed by the litigants themselves. In these situations a foreign court may direct that an independent Chinese legal expert be appointed to provide an authoritative opinion on these issues. These reports provide invaluable assistance to judges across the world in helping them provide a fair and speedy disposition to complex transnational family cases.


Expat Legal is the transnational practice group of Shanghai Kaimao LLP - a leading Chinese law firm. Having successfully handled hundreds of "foreign-related" family law cases, we are the premier authority for Chinese family matters that involve an international element. Headed by Flora Huang, who has personally handled more international divorce matters than any other Chinese lawyer, Expat Legal strives to provide the absolute highest quality legal advice possible in every matter it handles.

In recognition of her integrity and expertise, Flora has provided expert reports on a wide variety of issues relating to Chinese family law. Her evidence has been welcomed in proceedings taking place around the world, including before courts in Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States.


We are accustomed to preparing reports that comply with the rules of evidence and regulations governing family law expert witness testimony applicable in various jurisdiction around the world (i.e.: Practice Direction 25B in the UK and Part 15.5 of the Family Law Rules 2004 in Australia).

All of our reports meet the following basic criteria:-

  • Written clearly and succinctly in English.

  • Include a recitation of the relevant facts.

  • Fully address the questions posed by the court.

  • Cite relevant authorities (statute, case law, international treaty, judicial opinions and/or academic works).

  • Delivered on-time and in the manner prescribed (hard copy and/or digitally signed PDF).

Special requirements and tight deadlines can, in most circumstances, be accommodated without any issue.


Expat Group Leader, Partner

Flora and her team are here to help and would be pleased to answer any questions you may have. For urgent matters in particular, email is the most expeditious means of communication.

Flora Huang

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