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International Chinese high income divorce and separation

Divorce among high income and high net worth couples can be especially challenging as personal matters can negatively impact the management of businesses and one's ability to perform other important professional responsibilities. Privacy and discretion are therefore key not only to preserving wealth, but also reputation. Seeking early advice of an experienced Chinese HNW divorce lawyer is critical.

China HNW Divorce


High net worth divorce occurs when couples have amassed significant wealth - in the millions or sometimes billions of dollars. Defining an individual’s total wealth, which can include a business, professional practice, real estate holdings, art, cars, pensions, bonuses, stock and other assets, can be challenging. High-income earners, entrepreneurs, and professionals who own a business need legal advice that responds to their needs from lawyers that understand their wealth preservation and business continuity concerns.

Couples who have created considerable wealth or built family businesses often have more complex financial holdings to separate. This important process takes time to accurately valuate and may require the help of outside experts, including forensic accountants, real estate appraisers and art experts.


Expat Legal is the transnational practice group of Shanghai Kaimao LLP - a leading Chinese law firm serving clients across the Mainland and around the world from offices in the heart of China's largest city. Having successfully handled hundreds of HNW international family law cases, we are the premier authority for Chinese family matters that involve an international element. Headed by Flora Huang, who has personally handled more international divorce matters than any other Chinese lawyer, Expat Legal strives to provide the absolute highest quality legal advice possible in every matter it handles.


Focused, discrete negotiations are essential in high net worth family law cases. Our goal is to ensure your business or professional practice continues to prosper without interference from the divorce or related court proceedings. We encourage clients to fulsomely participate in these processes to make durable, long-term decisions that maximize privacy and minimize unnecessary costs.

In many cases, mediation is a viable alternative to high net worth divorce litigation. Mediation is a non-adversarial legal process focused on obtaining a timely and fair resolution to divorce and property division issues while keeping personal details as private as possible.

We help resolve a wide range of issues in high net worth divorce cases, including:

  • Comprehensive valuation of family assets (including real estate, stock and other investments);

  • Chinese and international family property division;

  • Income taxes, capital gains, and other tax implications related to asset division;

  • Valuation of active businesses, startups, professional practices and other interests;

  • Valuation of pensions and retirement or expat/executive compensation packages;

  • Division of family debts;

  • Inheritance planning for children on remarriage;

  • Self-sufficiency objectives for partners leaving long marriages;

  • How excluded property including premarital property, gifts and inheritances are affected by joint registration or ownership;

  • Premarital agreement drafting and negotiation.

Special requirements, secure (encrypted) communications and tight deadlines can, in most circumstances, be accommodated.


Expat Group Leader, Partner

Flora and her team are here to help and would be pleased to answer any questions you may have. For urgent matters in particular, email is the most expeditious means of communication.

Flora Huang

Email Flora for quick, free answers at

Alternatively, you can call her directly on +86.181.2115.5305

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