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Certified True Copies

Updated: Mar 14

Getting certified copies of documents in China for use abroad

Many situations require people living in China to get a certified copy of a document (such as a passport, diploma, bank statement or proof of address) to use abroad. Common examples of where this is required include buying real estate, getting a mortgage, opening an investment account, buying a car and accessing government services. The documents being certified can be Chinese or international (i.e.: a UK passport).

Certified copies can be made by a Chinese lawyer after examining the original document. A digital copy is made and a certification attached to it which is printed, signed and sealed with an official stamp. Chinese notary offices cannot not provide certified copies.

What is the procedure to get certified copies made?

We offer two methods for having copies made: in-person or by post. After reviewing your originals our lawyers will make the copies and perform the certification. This is handled either same-day or next-day.

If you are not in Shanghai you can mail your documents to us, we will do the certification and securely courier everything back to you by tracked delivery.

Can you send my certified copy abroad?

If the certified copies are going to someone in another country, we can courier the completed documents directly to them by FedEx or DHL.

How do I make arrangements to have certified copies made?

Use this simple contact form to get in touch. You'll receive a personal response within 24 hours.

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